Vega Baja Adjustable Bracelet Pink

Vega Baja Adjustable Bracelet Pink

Beautiful customized macrame adjustable bracelet featuring VEGA BAJA letters in white and gold, gold accents, a small pearl with gold and blue beads
– Hand-made macrame adjustable bracelet with beautiful details and excellent quality materials
– Color: pink
– Bracelet is 100% Waterproof
– Bracelet strings are wax-coated
– Adjustable from 4-7 Inches in Diameter
– Please email to request to customize a bracelet in additional colors and/or Puerto Rico cities (pueblos/municipios)
– Additional bracelet colors and customized with all of Puerto Rico’s “78 Pueblos” available
– We can personalize a macrame bracelet with a name or a short message with up to 12 letters by contacting us at
– You are purchasing one bracelet as indicated in the product name and description (without any additional items shown on the photos)


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